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King’s Road Gallery was situated in the heart of Chelsea, which bears host to a number of international antique and designer shops. The gallery represented established artists from East and West with a strong leniency towards figurative works.
This was their website for a number of years.
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The Asian theme is prevalent amongst the works by both Western and Eastern artists. The gallery has over the past years, between Hong Kong and London, developed a strong collection of truly international contemporary artists. Drawing upon traditions as varied as Pip Todd Warmoth’s landscapes and figurative paintings of India and South East Asia, to the striking portraits of Taiwanese painter Chiu Ya Tsai. Through close work with the artists themselves, coupled with dynamic and modern curation, the collection is an attempt to move beyond type or creed, resulting in a panoply rich in cultural divergence.

Kings Road Gallery
436 Kings Road
Chelsea, SW10 0LJ.
Tel: 020 7351 1367


The Kings Road Gallery was founded in 1998 in London, having already opened its Hong Kong Gallery in 1995. It has established a global reputation for exhibiting some of the most exciting European and Asian contemporary work on the International stage by both well-established blue chip artists with auction records as well as young emerging artists on the scene. The gallery’s impressive stable includes the witty Russian artist Konstantin Bessmertny, the rising young star of Magic Realism, Sacha Jafri whose career is accelerating at the record pace and has been earmarked as the Brit artist to take over the 90’s artists such as Hirst and Emin etc. Also one of Britain’s foremost figurative painters, Pip Todd Warmoth, who will exhibit in December 2010 his latest collection “The Magic of Figuratism”.

Chinese art is rapidly growing in popularity and value – boosted by the country’s soaring economy. Such is the importance of the capital for Chinese Fine Art that The Art Market Monitor recently stated that ‘The capital of China is London’. Tanya Baxter Contemporary has worked with the rising stars of Chinese contemporary since the mid nineties when the Gallery was based in Hong Kong. In 2011 the gallery is planning an exhibition for Ling Jian (cynical realist artist) at the Saatchi gallery and in 2011 - 2012 they will host a touring exhibition for Zeng Chuanxing, one of the most important realist artists in the world, where auction records are fast catching up with his contemporaries such as Zhang Xiaogang, Lin Wei and Yue Minjun.

Art from the Middle East and India is now emerging in a similar fashion, fuelled by major sales of Arab, Iranian and Indian fine art at the major auction houses. There is real dynamism in this sector, with young Eastern and Asian artists emerging onto the international stage. Like Chinese art before it, Indian art has emerged as one of the hottest and fastest growing markets today, and is increasingly being seen as a new force on the global art scene. In recent years, a surge of international interest concurrent with India’s booming economy has driven up the Indian art market’s value, making it the fourth most active art market in the world. Kings Road Gallery & Tanya Baxter Contemporary work with the great Modern Masters of Indian Contemporary such as Jitish Kallat, M.F.Husain and S.H.Raza.

The gallery has an art advisory service and advises on building corporate and private collections of contemporary art. Our experience and expertise in the International art market combined with our stable of very sought after and successful artists make us a very safe and dependable place to seek advice and enter the exciting world of contemporary art.


Children At Play- 12th July at the Royal College of Art

Children at Play is a very exciting new initiative designed to help children from under-privileged backgrounds, both here and abroad, to develop physically, emotionally and mentally through sports and art.
We want to raise funds, 50% of which will go to under-funded state schools here and 50% to the charity Right To Play, an international charity whose mission is to improve the lives of children in disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.

SCHOOLS The Open Air Nursery, The Oratory Primary School, Christchurch Primary School and Park Walk Primary School We are starting with four state schools in Chelsea for children aged 3-11. Although Chelsea is an affluent borough, it also has schools with a high percentage of children with special needs, whose parents are refugees and in council housing. Park Walk is a mixed, non-denominational school: 32% of the families have refugee status and more than 50% are in rented or council housing. At Christ Church, 30% of the children are from ethnic minorities; 19 languages are spoken. 7% have special needs, including 9 on the autistic spectrum, with a further 12% with significant learning needs. At Chelsea Open Air almost 50% of the pupils have special needs, medical needs and/or disabilities.


This is an exhibition designed to bring 4 state schools of Chelsea together in a multi-faith art project to raise funds for both their own sports and art departments and the charity “Right to Play” We would like to improve provisions at these schools for sports and art: We want them to know that many great sportsmen and artists have come from very modest or disadvantaged backgrounds.


For further enquiries, please contact –


We are organizing an exhibition of paintings on paper made by all the children from these four schools – on the theme of Children at Play. All 750 works will be professionally framed and exhibited at the Royal College of Art on Tuesday, 12 July, and at the King’s Road Gallery 4-9 July. As one of the teachers said: “This exciting project has brought the staff of our school together and given all of us a wonderful sense of community and sharing. It gives our children something they could never have dreamed of: the unprecedented pleasure and pride at seeing their work professionally framed and exhibited at a prestigious venue for all the world to see and at knowing they will be helping raise funds to improve art teaching and sports facilities at their own school and also for children less fortunate than themselves.


Your help and sponsorship will help each of the 4 schools bursaries for their sports and arts departments, allowing funds for simple things such as sports grounds for school sports days etc.    We will donate 50% to “Right To Play” charity, that gives children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.
We will encourage businesses who do buy a collection of the children’s paintings (7 works represented by all 4 schools) to donate the collection to “Paintings in Hospitals”, a charity that lends artwork to hospitals to improve the wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors.    The children’s works willspecifically go on a touring exhibition around the country’s paediatric units in hospitals, brightening up the childrens stay. Finally, some of the paintings donated by the Chelsea Footballers as well as a collection of the children’s works will go to a charity event held to raise funds for a coronary and heart hospital for children in Gujarat, India.


Parents can buy their child’s framed painting for only £15 (this is half of what it would cost normally). Parents and local businesses can sponsor a painting (or more) for only £20.12. All you need to do is email your family, friends and business contacts, telling them about your child’s great charitable efforts and talent!    It is surprising how supportive people are, and their name and logo will be on a caption alongside the painting as an extra bonus!    For example; “Jack and Jill’s Grandpa from Texas sponsored this painting”.

Companies and banks can buy a collection for £3500, which comprises of 7 paintings for each collection from all of the 4 schools, which can be donated to “Paintings in Hospitals” – its entirely up to the company! There are a number of donated paintings from artists that we are selling such as Pip Todd Warmoth, Scott Carruthers and Sir Peter Blake. We have asked the artist Sacha Jafri, to create a 20ft live painting at the Royal College of Art, during the day of the 12th July, all of the children will have an active part in the creation of the painting which will then be auctioned off at a later date with the proceeds split between Right To Play and the 4 schools.    Sacha Jafri is also on our panel of judges who choose the art for the collections sold. Other judges include Benedict Allen (explore), Jeffrey Archer.    The Kings Road Gallery sold a painting of Sacha Jafri at a recent charity event in aid of the Mayors Fund for London for £50,000.

The Chelsea Footballers and Right To Play have also given us paintings for sale, individual players have donated small paintings for £3000 each and we also have a unique painting made by the first team of Chelsea Football Club, for sale at £16,000 signed by all of the first team. The children are proud to be part of this exhibition which supports other children all over the world, and we are proud of them!

For further enquiries, please contact –

Please make cheques payable to “Children at Play” and send to the following address – Kings Road gallery, 436 Kings road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0LJ Registered Charity number – 1112404




Thank You To Everyone Who Took Part In The Children At Play Event On 12th July

A very special thank you from our team at the Kings Road Gallery for everyone who took part in the Children At Play event on the 12th July.  It was a hugely rewarding experience and we have been touched by the wonderful feedback received regarding the event (please see some of the feedback listed below).

If you would like to further support this cause then please be aware that the Kings Road Gallery is currently holding an auction of a selection of artworks to raise funds.  The auction closes on Saturday 1st August at midnight.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
Kings Road Gallery



A few words from those involved to share:

I would like to say for the sponsors... that Christ Church children have been privileged to have been part of such an innovative and exciting project. They have been able to really see themselves as artists and have had their work valued and exhibited in a way that filled each child with a sense of pride and achievement. It was great to hear them talk about the experience of visiting the gallery and how excited they were to see their work in big frames on huge walls, many cited that as even more brilliant than the delicious ice cream!

Thank you Tanya again for everything. What a lovely way to end the term.

Very best wishes,


The art exhibition was really powerful me both personally and professionally as I was able to witness for the first time in my career, society valuing the creativity of young children alongside their older peers in a public space known for the calibre of its art works. I also was able to see the ongoing progression and development of many children who had moved on from Chelsea Open Air to the three primary schools. The project was a very real and exciting example of genuine community cohesion making a difference in all sorts of ways through the multiple partnerships.

Kathryn Solly, Head Teacher, The Open Air Nursery


Thanks, what lovely pictures and superb effort especially you guys at the Kings Road Gallery - this would never have happened without you. It is almost irrelevant what was made as the event itself was so incredible and special for the children and brought the parents together. I love walking down the Kings Road and recognising half the mums because of this event!!!!

Tammy Brenan


You did the most amazing job in getting the whole thing planned, organised and executed.  My children (Eleanor & Benedict) absolutely loved being involved in it and would be delighted if it were to happen again.

Thank you a thousand times.

Caroline Flanagan


Dear Tanya, Pip and the team,

Without doubt a phenomenal event! 

The feedback I've received from parents at Christ Church has been remarkable. The fact that so many people came and supported the event on the night, is down to your continuous enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the months leading up to the 12th July. 

On a personal note, I felt inspired and motivated by your determination and dedication to this cause. It was one of the most enjoyable projects I've ever worked on, and I'd be delighted to do something similar with you all again.

Very best wishes

Debs Hardinge


The Imperial New Delhi in association with Kings Road Gallery & Tanya Baxter Contemporary London present a private exhibition of Modern Masters Celebrating the Indian Art Summit at Emily Eden & Hodges ( Banquet Hall ) The Imperial, Janpath, New Delhi - 110001, India

Kings Road Gallery & Tanya Baxter Contemporary request a pleasure of your company at the 20 I 21 International Art Fair between
Thursday 17 - Sunday 20th February 2011 at the Royal College of Art, Kensington Core, London SW7 2EU



Some of the Artists Represented


Jitish Kallat (B.1974, India)
Jitish Kallat received his BFA in painting from the Sir J. J. School of Art in Mumbai in 1996. Kallat's paintings are often monumental, his largest painting being 8 x 20 feet (2.5 x 7 meters) in size. His subject matters are often self referential, depicting himself, his wife, & other members of his family. Kallat's methodology involves a heavy reliance on photography, giving his paintings an appearance that resembles popular advertisement.

The face that Jitish Kallat’s paintings present to the viewer is a deliberately uninviting one. Kallat’s works record a continuing process of decay &


Alison Watt B. 1965, Scotland

Alison Watt graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1988. While still a student, she won the John Player Portrait Award and as a result was commissioned to paint a portrait of the Queen Mother. An exhibition of her work entitled Fold in 1997 at Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery was the first introducing fabric alongside her models.

In 2000 she became the youngest artist to be offered a solo exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern

Other artists held in the Kings Road Gallery included:

Richard Allen    Australian
Min Wae Aung            Burmese
Konstantin Bessmertny          Russian Artist
Nguyen Thanh Binh    Vietnamese
Olivia Clifton-Bligh     British
Hong Viet Dung           Vietnamese
Hoang Duc Dzung        Vietnamese
Anthony Eyton English
Tim Hall          British Fine Art Photographer
Susan Hocking Jayne   British
Bui Huu Hung  Vietnamese
Jean-Marc Huss          French
Katarina Monnier        French
Claire Norrington        British
Do Quang Em
Manjeet Shergil          Singaporean Malay
Angeli Sowani English Indian
Ju Ming Taichi Taiwanese Artist
Pip Todd Warmoth     British
Chiu Ya Tsai    Taiwanese Artist
Paul Wadsworth         British
Yin Xin Chinese
Lucy Poett       English
Ronnie Ford    Scottish
Sacha Jafri      English
Wang Ming, Yue         Chinese
Fan Yi Ming     Chinese





Eglise Romanesque
Ford, Ronnie



· 28th February - 30th March Vietnamese Exhibition
· 14th March - 18th March Affordable Art Fair
· 17th March Min Wae Aung- All Day Preview to Paris, Kings Road Gallery
· 24th March - 31st March Min Wae Aung, Gallery Jonas-12 Rue de Seine, Paris
· 3rd April - 1st May Yin Xin
· 17th April - 22nd April Chelsea Art Fair
· 23rd April - 28th April Group Exhibition, Molesworth Gallery-Dublin
· 26th April - 21st May Susan Jayne Hocking
· 26th May - 2nd June Jean Marc Huss, New York
· 5th June - 28th June Pip Todd Warmoth
· June - June Jean Marc Huss, Cannes
· June - July Majis Gallery Exhibition
Kings Road Gallery
· 2nd August - September Summer Exhibition
· September - October Modern Figurative Sculpture Exhibition
· 4th October - 8th October Art London
· October - November Richard Allen
· November - December Bob Yan
· November - November Pip Todd Warmoth, Majis Gallery-Dubai
· December - January Christmas Exhibition



Exhibitions 2003


Jean-Marc Huss, Sacca-Nana, 
150 x 150cm, Oil on canvas





Tim Hall

On the Road
Min Wae Aung
Landscapes and People of Cuba and Guatemala
Pip Todd Warmoth
Return of the Buddha
Jean Marc Huss





· Thursday 18th September "The Last Supper" Exclusive Collection of minature paintings by Jean-Marc Huss/images at 29 Albemarle Street, W1
· Thursday 25th September “Eastern Jewels & Cornish Landscapes” by Paul Wadsworth/images
· Thursday 23rd October " Nostalgia, A tribute to the masters" by Yin Xin/images
· Thursday 27th November “Old Masters Exhibition”/images
· 4th December - 20th January “Small Paintings” Christmas Exhibition

· Pip Todd Warmoth will be having an exhibition in Ireland in June 2004


Circa 2002


Exhibition Schedule: Calendar of Events  2002

May 2nd - May 29th 2002      'Inside Out' A Solo Exhibition by Irish abstract expressionist painter, Frank Phelan
May 22nd - 26th 2002            Kings Road Gallery will participate at 'Art London 2002', Duke of York’s Barracks, Chelsea
30th May - 24th June 2002     A solo Exhibition of Watercolours by English RA Anthony Eyton
June 12th - July 13th 2002      A Solo Exhibition by Vietnamese artist Do Quang Em

The artists held in Kings Road Gallery at present include:
Pip Todd Warmoth(British)
Katarina Monnier(French)
Hong Viet Dung(Vietnamese)
Susan Jayne Hocking(British)
Yin Xin(Chinese)
Chiu Ya Tsai(Taiwanese Artist)
Konstantin Bessmertny (Russian Artist)
Richard Allen (Australian)
(British)Olivia Clifton-Bligh
(Burmese) Min Wae Aung
(Vietnamese)Bui Huu Hung
(Bavarian Sculptor)Andreas Kuhnlein
(Taiwanese Artist)Ju Ming Taichi
(British Fine Art Photographer)Tim Hall
(Irish)Frank Phelan
(Vietnamese)Hoang Duc Dzung
(English)Anthony Eyton